Fudge Fantasy Sauce

Wax Orchards Fudge Fantasy
100% Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Fudge  Sauce

Try all five mouth-watering flavors including Classic Fudge Sauce—a dark, semisweet, European sauce, Fudge Fantasy Sauce—dark, sweet and distinct, Oh Fudge! Sauce—traditional, medium-sweet dark chocolate, Peppermint Fudge Sauce—dark chocolate carefully blended with real peppermint and Orange Passion Fudge Sauce—a fabulous combination of dark chocolate and subtle real orange flavor.
Fudge Fantasy ingredients: pineapple juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, Dutch Cocoa, natural vanilla ! NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION

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This sweet rich and mellow chocolate sauce is blended with cocoa and fruit sweetener. 11 oz.


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