Our wholesale line includes:

Case lots of our 11 oz. chocolate sauces and 12 oz. Fruit Sweet™.

3.5 gallon size of Fruit Sweet™.

1 gallon size of Oh Fudge sauce.

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If you're offering Wax Orchards products on your retail shelves, you're in excellent company. From MOM's markets on the East Coast, to Whole Foods Markets in Southern California, Pacific Northwest and Mid-West Regions.
Northwest favorites PCC, and Rosaeurs Supermarket Chain are a few more of the many locations our products are purchased by consumers who are looking for delicious, healthy, natural food free of refined sugar.

We help you accommodate the dietary restrictions of your customers, too. For example, PCC posts “gluten-free” flags by those products, including our chocolate fudge sauces—throughout their stores.

Food Service



Customers are looking for sweets that don't produce a sugar-surge, and top bakeries are responding with muffins, cookies, cakes, and pies made with our FRUIT SWEET™.

Mani Niall is famous for his cookbooks and the beautiful, indulgent desserts sold at his Los Angeles bakery. Many of those desserts are made with FRUIT SWEET, which he specifically recommends in his cookbooks, Sweet! and Sweet and Natural Baking.

Whole Foods Market Bakehouse in Florida has been using Wax Orchards in breads, muffins and cookies.

Oregon's Just Delicious Diabetic Delights Bakery is the brain child of Donna Nelson. In 2007, Donna decided to come out of a three-year retirement, but 35 years in the medical field was enough. She asked long-time friend, Nanette Goin, to partner up on a diabetic bakery. As wives of diabetic husbands, they know how tough it is to find healthy, delicious sweets for diabetics and calorie-counters. Donna and Nanette developed a huge menu of flavorful pies, cakes, pastries, cookies, and specialty items with lower carbs.

Many of their products use FRUIT SWEET™, including a top-selling Banana Crunch Muffin. Five Portland, OR-area hospitals and local Weight Watchers chapters recommend their products. In fact, they're doing so well, they're beginning to train other bakers. Donna Nelson is a featured speaker at Modern Baking Magazine's Healthy Baking Seminar, March 2011. And she'll be talking about FRUIT SWEET!

Food Service

Food Service

Canyon Ranch's three destination spas—Tucson, Miami, and Lenox, MA—feature Wax Orchards FRUIT SWEET and chocolate fudge sauces in their spa cuisine and cookbooks. Their gift shops are some of our top buyers of chocolate sauce for happy customers to take home. There's a nice synergy there for Canyon Ranch, and of course we love this evidence of how much savvy customers enjoy our products!

Why bake with Fruit Sweet?

“Baked goods, like cakes, cookies, and bars, can be sweetened with unsweetened fruit juice concentrates. Baked goods sweetened with fruit juice concentrates, which are humectants, stay fresh longer and retain moisture better than those sweetened with white sugar.”

From Professional Healthy Cooking and Healthy and Delicious: 400 Professional Recipes by Sandy Kapoor, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., at Cal Poly.

Wax Orchards fruit juice concentrates taste half again as sweet as sugar and twice as sweet as honey, with fewer calories. They're unaffected by heat or freezing, and easy to convert to your own recipes. In general, substitute 2/3c. sweetener per cup of sugar, and reduce other liquids by 1/3 the amount of sweetener used. (See Recipes for detail.)

Coffee Bars

Coffee Bars

Customers want fat-free, fruit-sweetened, vegan, diabetic-friendly mochas and hot chocolates, and cafes are responding. Wax Orchards chocolate fudge sauce is dark and full-bodied, with no water added, so you use less. The one-gallon tub makes 256 servings of premium quality mocha!

The world's best cocoas, combined with concentrated fruit juices, produce a chocolate to make the best coffee beans happy.

Parents will be delighted to find hot chocolate on your menu, made with our chocolate and soy or other milk substitutes, for their dairy-and-gluten-sensitive kids.

Try it as well for brownies, cakes, icings, fondue, swirled into cheesecake batter, or atop frozen desserts or fresh fruit.

And don't miss this opportunity: Offer 11 oz. retail jars for take-home.

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